Content Sniffing


This page contains the mime signatures used by Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, Google Chrome, and the HTML 5 specification. You can view these signatures by browser, which will display the signatures for each mime type used that browser, or by mime type, which will display the signatures for each browser for that mime type. We use a precise nomenclature to describe the mime signatures, which is described below.

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DATA is a pointer to a buffer containing the first bytes of the file. Different browsers use different size buffers:

Internet Explorer 7256 bytes
Firefox 31024 bytes
Safari 3.11024 bytes
Google Chrome512 bytes
HTML 5512 bytes

DATA[0:3] represents the DATA substring starting at offset 0 up to offset 3 (both inclusive). Thus, DATA[0:3] is the substring of DATA of length 4 starting at offset 0. We also use common C string library functions as part of our signatures. To simplify notation, we introduce a case insensitive version of strstr, which is not available in the C library:

strncmpCase sensitive comparison
strncasecmpCase insensitive comparison
strstrCase sensitive substring search
strcasestrCase insensitive substring search

Some signatures uses PTR, which is a pointer to the first non-whitespace character in the DATA buffer. In other words, all the bytes between DATA (inclusive) and PTR (not inclusive) are ASCII whitespace. The whitespace characters are:

Line Feed0x0a
Carrier Return0x0d
Horizontal Tab0x09